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Backyard produces unique Broadcast Commercials and creative content for the best Ad Agencies and brands in the world.

Founded and headquartered in Chicago, with full production operations in Culver City, CA, for nearly three decades Backyard's team of talented directors and seasoned producers embrace a collaborative creative process that nurtures strong, coveted relationships with both clients and crew.

We are a highly experienced production entity, rich with savvy creative individuals who excel in all facets of production.

We continually adjust to evolving work environments, allowing for maximum imaginative flexibility while efficiently delivering premium quality content for all manner of broadcast and digital campaigns that range from traditional commercials to episodic short form digital content. 

We deliver beyond your expectations.

Company leadership prides itself on staying relevant to contemporary world cultures, having an impeccable aesthetic eye for talent, an excellent and proven bidding and production reputation, and an intuitive nature for interpreting clients’ visions and messaging.

Original visual thinking lays the foundations for all assignments. Our fluid and unique production solutions combine with our attentiveness to meet the needs of all concerned.

We make everyone feel like part of our family and right at home… in your own Backyard.

Head & Shoulders - Offense vs Defense