Backyard Director Xander Strohm Brings Friends And Family Together In New Campaign for Hulu.

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Backyard director Xander Strohm brings people together to embrace the highs and lows of life in the new :30 “Apartment” direct to client for Hulu — capturing a multitude of living room adventures of twenty-something roommates, ranging from a girls night binge-fest to a fun house party, a surprising romance and a sniffle-filled sick day. The duo of friends takes in the humor, drama, excitement and, at times, tears, that Hulu has to offer from the comfort of their couch.

“Apartment” Hulu by Xander Strohm

The campaign also features two additional :30 spots. “Family Room” shows the fun and incidental mayhem of sharing a viewing room across multiple generations — and “Road Trip” where Hulu acts as a symbol of peace and harmony during a family excursion.

“Family Room” Hulu by Xander Strohm

“Road Trip” Hulu by Xander Strohm


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